Are you ready to find your true life purpose?
Are you ready to reach your full potential?
Are you searching for something?
Are you ready to help others?
Do you want to remove blocks?
Are you ready to heal?
Do you wish to understand the magick of the Universe and the ancient mysteries?
Do you have a mission that the world needs and you are looking for tools to help you get it out to the masses?
Are you ready to KNOW THYSELF?

If one or more of the above statements are true then it’s no coincidence you have found the Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon.

For over 3000 years we have been training leaders, artists, inventors, royalty and scientists to fulfill their mission, serve humanity and live a life of JOY!

LIFE: Living In Full Empowerment Documentary

Follow our journey as we unravel the “mystery” of the Modern Mystery School. This project documents and highlights the story of its members and sheds light on what actually occurs within the community.

This is a film created by the members who have directly experienced the teachings and tools from this lineage. Watch the first few chapters and see the magick unfold!