An interview with Dawn Ressel, author of Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles

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Good morning Ireland!

Can you believe we're already two weeks into the new year? We hope you're enjoying the fresh energy of this new cycle.

This week, we share an interview with Dawn Ressel, author of Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles. She joins Divina Kate Bartram Brown live to speak about the incredible journey behind her new book.

Enjoy the video! We will be back next week with another interview to keep you inspired.


Dawn Ressel embarked on her spiritual journey about seven years ago, while searching for a way to overcome her lifelong struggle with anxiety.

Through her inner work, she is now completely healed of anxiety disorder, and she assists others on their path of healing, empowerment, and spiritual progression.

Today, Dawn is a certified Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Life Activation practitioner with the Modern Mystery School, and is also a Ritual Master and Kabbalist. She offers private healing sessions in San Diego, California, along with regular metaphysical classes and meditation sessions.

She is the author of Ancient Healings, Modern Miracles. Her new book included 24 stories about real people who have used the healings and initiations offered in the lineage of King Salomon to overcome major obstacles in their lives.

If you're interested, Dawn's book is available on Amazon. Take a look if you'd like to read these inspiring stories for yourself.

And of course you're welcome to get in touch with us if you would like to experience any of these healings, initiations, and empowerment sessions for yourself. We would be happy to hear from you.

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend!