Asse explains why Professional Integration Day is an important part of deeper study

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This week's interview features Asse, who chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about Professional Integration Day and how it is an important part of his deeper studies.

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Asse Sauga is an expert in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and has a background in IT. He is also an investor, trainer, consultant, a valued member of the supervisory board at Change Invest, and a co-founder of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association. He is the author of the very first Estonian-language book introducing readers to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with an updated English version available on Amazon: "The Bitcoin Wave! Catch the wave and learn to surf it!"

Balancing the material and the spiritual has been a constant theme in Asse's life journey. He actively walks a spiritual path and is a Healer and Guide with the Modern Mystery School. In this role, he passionately assists individuals in reconnecting with their true selves, unlocking their potential, and embracing their personal power.

Have you attended Professional Integration Day recently? Or are you curious about learning how to do the Life Activation yourself?

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