Ireland’s largest holistic event returns!
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Dublin Mind Body Experience, Ireland’s largest holistic event returns to the Royal Dublin Society on the 15th to 17th of September 2023. With free Admission, 200 Exhibitors, and 150 Complimentary Talks, Workshops and Classes, this event is not to be … Read More

My Journey with The Modern Mystery School, Part 1
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Over 50, 000 people’s lives have changed for better and greater since the Modern Mystery School since it opened its door to general public in 07/July/1997. More people are sharing their stories and benefits from being a part of Modern … Read More

The Communication Conundrum
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There are many, many barriers to clear communication. It seems even more significant today when our conversations are over so many devices and they are compounded by masks & PPE. And yet, how often do we truly hear what is … Read More

Charity Means We Care
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This year we continued our support for the Refugees that are being homed in the Midlands area. This effort is run by Johanna Dyer and is purely community-based – all proceeds go to the refugees. We purchased various items over … Read More

Kabbalah and How it Works in Your Life
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Learn from High Initiate Martina Coogan how Kabbalah can help you manifest your goals into the physical.

About the Modern Mystery School: Questions and Answers with Dave Lanyon
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On the Modern Mystery School website, we several pages of resources …. About the Modern Mystery School, our mission, the path of initiation, countless articles written by teachers and practitioners, touching testimonials from students from all around the world — … Read More

Education with Archetypes.
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  Transcript of the Interview with Vila Loukas 27/April/2021 I’m Greek, I’m immediately predisposed to the world of archetypes. coming from that world of Greek mythology, all those standardised patterns and ways of operating,   I have been working in … Read More

Living a passionate live with Julia Tiffin and Annie Riley
with No Comments Transcript of the Interview: 24/May/2021   I know and some of you may recognise these familiar faces, because yes I have interviewed them before, but you may notice this common theme throughout all of the interviews that, … Read More

Liza, how to live a life of joy and passion.
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  Transcript of Divina Lisa interviewed by Divina Kate 15/Feb/2021   I’m lucky to have this community and amazing people around the .   I know Lisa through the modern mystery school, Lisa is instrumental in teaching me Healer’s Academy … Read More

Hidden History of the Golden Dawn with the Founder of the Modern Mystery School Gudni Gudnason
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    Transcript of the Interview: 31/Dec/2020 interviewed by Kate:   Now you may have been watching my interview with amazing people that I know, you may have noted that they all have one thing in common, that they have … Read More

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