CHOICE: An important PIECE in establishing PEACE

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CHOICE: an important piece in establishing peace.
We are now in the days when inaction is no longer an option.
When we don’t take action something else comes in to take up the space we have left unmanaged.
Opportunities are gateways to possibilities and when we don’t take action we are saying NO to that opportunity.
That is CHOICE. Your choice.
We forget that INACTION is a CHOICE.
If we are to CONSCIOUSLY build PEACE we need to recognise that the barriers to peace are not ‘out there’ somewhere!
Lack of peace is not someone else’s fault!
Pointing the finger is no longer a legitimate answer to the peace question.
What are you actively doing in your life to create peace inside you?
You are part of the equation. This is fact. You are an important piece in the creation of peace.
Ask yourself:
What am I allowing in my life that is out of balance with peace?
What thoughts do I let ravage my mind about myself?
What judgements about others?
What harsh words do I utter to tear down rather than build up?
What actions am I taking to build peace?
What actions have I not taken?
Saying nothing to ‘keep the peace’ is no longer an option because peace is not what our world is experiencing.
Words bring about challenge and change. Change is essential to bring peace.
If you disagree. Speak. Open up the conversations that need to be had. Help each other experience diversity and challenge, all building blocks to understanding, compassion, love and ACTION.
What do you choose?
Remember every human is a God (a creator) in disguise and everyone needs to act on that power to choose a better world, for ourselves, our children & their children.
What do you choose?
With my LOVE
Dr Ann ❤️