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I have been on Facebook since 2008 and when I stumbled on the App it gave me an opportunity for many things! I was able to keep in touch with my friends from across the world! I was able to express that creative side of me. I began to notice how powerful a tool it was AND I promised myself one thing, that I would, to the best of my ability, use it to spread LIGHT & the energy of HOPE, KINDNESS & LOVE.
I have witnessed a lot of variations of this and I have also witnessed the darker side which has grown over time. You have often seen me write about communication, about energy and about the different ways in which we express ourselves.
But there is a growing culture of trash reporting, visible fear generating hype & opportunistic systematic tearing down of good people and goodness in this world. It is hard to know what real goodness is any more. The world is filled with distraction and attractive trinkets that keep discerning people occupied while real life and really important messages become obscured.
Today I write about what I stand for in this world.
I joined the Modern Mystery School in 2006. At that time I was a medical doctor working in both family medicine and palliative medicine in a hospice setting. I had been pursuing studies around holistic approaches to health and healing for many years. I had been hired as a consultant in Holistic practices at our local hospital just a few years previously. My approach to healing was no secret. I knew there was more and I continued to search for the core cause of diseases. It wasn’t enough for me to find treatments, I wanted to know where it started so we can live healthier and more ALIVE than ever before especially for the generations to come.
In general practice so many would come to me with anxiety, depression and mental health issues and since then we have had a great deal of progress from mindfulness practices BUT we can not just intellectualise away mental health issues & physical disease. We have to tackle it from every angle.
At the Modern Mystery School the primary goal for me being there was to work on myself. To heal to learn & to grow so I could serve the people that came to me & in the beginning it was purely for me. As my knowledge of the materials grew I realised the potential for others too. So I trained in the healing practices and I trained to teach the materials so others could experience the transformation too. I witnessed & continue to witness real transformation and empowerment that came from ancient Lineage teachings.
If it had not been for one man’s insistence on bringing this to our world at a time when core values like common decency, love, kindness, goodness, honour, chivalry, nobility are laughed at, then we would not have this Golden opportunity to rise up above the stuff that is pedalled as ‘real’.
In all my time at the Mystery School I have laughed, cried, ate with and studied with Founder Gudni Gudnason, with his adorable wife Divina Eiko and with his family. I am honoured to call him my friend because I have witnessed the sacrifices he has made to speak the truth and to be a witness to what is truly good and Sacred and Holy. I have learned what it truly takes to be a good person and how to weave life in a way that bares witness to light & to love. Am I perfect? No. But I strive to be. Furthermore…
As time went on I got to know Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, his beautiful wife Divina Franca and his family. He taught me how to defend myself as a woman, how to weave energy so I protect those I love and how to not be scared of critique. I have witnessed the incredible charity work that he does for women’s charities. In Toronto when a battered woman leaves her home she can take her daughters but above a certain age boys cannot go to shelters with their mothers leaving them open to so many dangers. Together Ipsissimus Dave & Divina Franca, who have a wonderful son, strove to rectify this and put tonnes of their own resources towards changing this situation.
I have gotten to know Ipsissimus Hideto & his wonderful wife Divina Louisa and their family. I have laughed so much in their company and learned so much about healing and how applying Sacred teaching can bring true depth of transformation. Their ability to really embrace life brings me so much JOY and hope for our world.
I am an intelligent person. I find it insulting when I hear people talk dishonourably about the Modern Mystery School, the people I love and respect within it & the choices that I have made to be in the Mystery School down through the years. There are 1000’s of students around the world who are thriving within the classrooms & who work tirelessly with open hearts to share this with others. I proudly work alongside each person who wants to see this world change for the better.
I am a member of the Counsel of 12 Women who have responsibility for leading the Modern Mystery School and I do so with all my heart!
This statement is made with the fullest of hearts and I am a witness to the goodness that is possible when good people do good things no matter what is thrown at them.
With my LOVE always
Divina Ann