Divina Liza explains why PID creates magick in our life

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This week, we feature an interview with Divina Liza, who chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about how Professional Integration Day creates magick in our lives.

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Divina Liza Rossi is the CEO of the Modern Mystery School South America and a member of the Council of 12. She is also one of the Healers Academy Leaders, an International Teacher of Hermetic Universal Kabbalah and Enochian Magick, and much more.

She was initiated into the Lineage of King Solomon in 2008, and today she is a Ritual Master and a Guardian of the Flame.

Divina Liza believes that life is full of potential, and that each person has the power to live the life of their dreams. Hidden within each one of us is the key to the life we have always dreamed of.

She travels the world offering classes and healing sessions. She loves to help people to discover their true essence and live a life filled with joy and passion.

Have you attended a Professional Integration Day? Or are you thinking of attending Healers Academy for the first time?

If you desire to empower others to achieve their full potential, this path might be for you.

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