Ensofic Level 1 & 2: the Key to our Wellbeing and Progression

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This week's interview features Martina Coogan, who speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about why Ensofic Ray Level 1 and 2 training are the keys to our wellbeing and progression.

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Martina Coogan an International Instructor, Teacher, Guide, and Healer with the Modern Mystery School. Trained in the Ancient Lineage of King Salomon, she has been empowering lightworkers internationally for the past 20 years.

Martina discovered this path in 2000, and has a heartfelt desire and willingness to share core Mystery School teachings. She does this in a clear and simple manner, so people from all walks of life can clear their minds, open their hearts, and connect with their inner divinity.

In 2007, she opened her own practice, where she offers advanced training and teachings to individuals who want to transform their lives. Today, her practice is based in the heart of London, England.

Since 2011, Martina has been a Universal Kabbalah Teacher, where she shares her knowledge and wisdom to people in the United Kingdom and the United States. She believes that to understand oneself is the key to unlocking one's full potential.

Through understanding the Tree of Life, we can recognise its reflections in the outer world, and gain deeper levels of wisdom from this. The answers we seek are within us already, we just need the right set of eyes to see them.

Martina leads people on a journey to self-discovery and awaken the dormant powers within each one of us. She leaves everyone she encounters with the unique energy from her presence and teachings, and sets a true example of how to live the teachings she conveys.

Are you curious about Ensofic Ray Healing? Would you like to receive it and/or learn how to offer it as a service?

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