Fallen from Grace- A magickal tale

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Dear Community,

We hope you are staying safe and well. 

Our theme for this week is: 
” Togetherness”

Today  Annie is sharing a magickal tale with us… 

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Fallen from Grace- A magickal tale…

Once upon a time was a land long forgotten

A land of beauty fun and laughter

A land of wonder and delight

It was here that the race of humans happily co-existed with all other races in a supportive all appreciative way.

Each race respecting and honouring each otherEach race weaving their unique magick for the benefit of all

It was truly utopia, it was truly Shamballah!

Everyone thrived, truly connected, living their purpose with peace love and joy…

The planet thrived in this nurturing environment as she was loved and cared for by races one and all. 

It was truly utopia, it was truly Shamballah!

One day came a disturbance in the heavens above them
Skies black, lightening struck, thunder roared
Battle roaring…
Wind blew in gales
Rain fell in blankets 

Then just like that… all stopped 
Time stood still
Skies dark
Air heavy

Humans ran and hid from each other and all races…


Never experienced before.

What was this place they now inhabited?

Trees and flowers not quite so vibrant 

Arguments erupted where non once existed
Conflicts , fights now raged between races
Magical beings, hunted ,now hid. 
Division, separation became the norm
Plague and famine besieged the races
The planet polluted failing to support them

This was no utopia, this was not Shamballah. 

For thousands of years humanity struggled and strived
Building empires based on power and money. 
Wars and battles became the norm. 

This was no utopia, this was no Shamballah. 

Yet amongst this chaos ,some heard the calling to remember
A few to start with ,numbers ever growing 
Planting seeds to remember, to rebuild Shamballah!

A place that truly exists within each human, the light was needed to remind them!

And so they started, small in number, to overcome, to remember. 
To shine their light, touch heart to heart, speak words of truth, once forgotten, now remembered !

Their numbers grew, the spark of Hope reignited, to live once again in Shamballah!

he Faery’s, Elves and other races heard the calling
United once again they weave their magick 
Joined by the beyond wise Galactic beings! 

Together once again we are building Shamballah!

A land of beauty, fun and laughter
A land of abundance, wonder and delight!

A land we happily co-exist with each other and all races
Living a life of purpose peace love and joy!

Remember this place, it exists within you!
Remember your piece , greatly needed in the rebuilding!
Remember the magick that is you!

Together , United , we are building Shamballah !


About Annie Riley.

Annie is a Guide ,Healer, Ritual Master and Teacher with The Modern Mystery School.

She weaves the wisdom of living life alive gained from her varying life experiences.

The wisdom gained has given her a depth of practical knowledge which forms the foundation of her service with The Modern Mystery School.

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