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For those of you who know me, or if you follow my work, or watch my Mystery Teachings series on Gaia TV, or have taken a course from me, or received a healing or activation session from me before… if I’ve inspired you, or helped you expand your mind, or empowered you in your life… then you have witnessed and even benefited from the fruits of my path as an INITIATE of the MODERN MYSTERY SCHOOL and lineage of King Solomon.

My life, and so much of what I have achieved and am able to share with others, is a testament to the benefits I personally have gained from my training with the Modern Mystery School.

Some of you might have known me before I found this path, but most of you have connected with me much later in my journey with the MMS. As I think back to where I was before, versus where I am now, the amount of transformation I’ve been through since stepping onto this path with the Modern Mystery School has been AMAZING. It hasn’t so much “changed” me, as much as it has brought me to be more my TRUE SELF at a core level, and helped me eliminate the masks of negative ego and personality coping strategies that obscured my True Self.

In my life before the MMS, I was ambitious, determined, hard-working, intellectual, and staunchly independent (too much so). I was also really insecure, afraid to speak my deeper truths, afraid to be seen for who I really was, I was critical, judgmental, I became a perfectionist, a controller, and often felt highly misunderstood by people.

Now, I was fortunate to have come from a good family and been brought up by amazing parents, which I am eternally grateful for, as they gave me a solid platform upon which to build my life, and they have been supportive of me throughout.

But it wasn’t until I found my way to the Modern Mystery School teachings and path that I really got to know Who Am I? What is My True Self? What is my Purpose? What are my Unique Gifts and Qualities?

This path of initiation taught me to ask the right questions that would bring me to the core of my own Self. It helped me to find the answers from WITHIN, rather than always seeking answers and validation from others, or the world outside.

This path of initiation and its teachings have helped me peel away the layers of dogma, indoctrination, and consensus-thinking that the world likes to shroud us in. It has helped me to really hone-in my ability to think for myself and to DISCERN, not just from a place of scientific rationalism, but from a place of inner knowing, direct experience of life, and integration of the WISDOM of the ages, that gives us such great guidance through the mystery teachings.

This path of initiation has EMPOWERED me as a woman to come to greater balance of the feminine and masculine within me. To embody grace, beauty, and femininity, while also embracing my intelligence, strength, and independence.

This path of initiation has helped me to find my voice, to have the COURAGE to share my truth, my heart, and my soul with others, from a place of AUTHENTICITY.

This path of initiation has given me the opportunity to SEE THE WORLD, to work with people from many different cultures and countries, and to develop deep and meaningful friendships, a sense of SPIRITUAL FAMILY, a tribe or community of amazing people who transcend borders, embrace diversity, unite in a common mission of bringing Light to this world, and who are ready to dig deep into the journey of coming to Know Thyself and gain greater self-mastery in life.

This path of initiation has brought me to a place of true JOY & FULFILLMENT in my life. I have learned the Joy of true service to others and to the Divine…, the joy of seeing others awaken to their greater Light, Awareness, and Divinity…, and the fulfillment of knowing I helped facilitate that in some way. This path of initiation has accelerated my progression in life 10,000-fold through the journey of personal alchemy, where we actively continue to transform and improve ourselves step-by-step, cycle-after-cycle, revealing the “gold” within, and drawing out the purest essence of our own soul and spirit.

This path of initiation has helped me to become strong from a core level of being, to cultivate the spirit of the warrior of light within, to be someone who stands up for what is good, beautiful, and true, and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers and sisters on this path as work together to make this world a better place.

This path of initiation has not only helped me come to know myself, but also to love and accept myself as I am, to let go of the inner critic, and to come to behold and honor the ETERNAL BEING that I am.

This path of initiation has brought me to the depths of my soul, having the courage to face my own darkness and transmute it with love. It has also taken me to the heights of the Spirit to dance and sing with the angels, and to directly feel that divine love, eternal grace, and all-embracing forgiveness within every cell of my being. No longer do I just believe or have “faith” in the Divine… I KNOW IT… It is a very real thing that we can all experience for ourselves, and this path has helped me do that so many times through my journey.

There are so many wonderful things I can say about what this path of initiation with the Modern Mystery School has done for me. I could write a whole book about it if I had the time. I am super grateful to Founder Gudni Gudnason for opening up the doors to this path for us all, and to Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome for all their support and brotherly advice to me on this journey. I’m also so honored to share in this journey with so many powerful and beautiful women who have become soul-sisters and friends: Divina Franca Lanyon, Divina Ann Donnely, Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Divina Rita Van den Berg, Divina Liza Rossi, Divina Eiko Gudnason, Divina Luisa Nakagome, goddess Martina Coogan, goddess Verla Wade, goddess Christina Lozano, goddess Kathleen Lanyon, goddess Yoko Tsukada, and so many others that if I were to name them all I’d run out of space (LOL). Because there are so many amazing people in the MMS community that I am honored and proud to call my spiritual family.

Yet what most inspires and interests me, is helping you discover what it can do for YOU, just like I discovered what it could do for me. If you’d like to embark upon the most amazing, healing, and magickal journey of empowerment and transformation, then message me at and I will be delighted to help you get started and support your journey.

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