Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon discusses the Importance of Administration in Metaphysics

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Good morning Ireland!

Today is the final day of an incredible Modern Mystery School International program in London.

We have had the honour of hosting Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, who has shared a wealth of knowledge, along with profound tools and teachings, with us throughout the past week.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to ensure that a program like this runs smoothly?

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon is the mind behind much of the Modern Mystery School's administration. He is the one who has introduced the systems we have today to ensure the scalable growth of the school, which has allowed us to expand into new countries.

In this video, he chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about why administration is important from a metaphysical point of view.

Since joining the Modern Mystery School Lineage in 2004, Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon has been the driving force behind the explosive growth of the school. As a result of his efforts, the school has expanded from 12 to 55 countries.

Dave has dedicated his life to serving the world. He does this by teaching, healing and helping people from all walks of life to Know Thyself. He is an expert at identifying any blocks that are holding a person back, and he empowers people to break these patterns by navigating them to higher frequencies and deeper understandings.

In his own words:

Every moment of time we are given the choice between light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil. A Warrior of Light learns to be wise enough to distinguish the difference and recognising the choice, they choose Light, even though it is often the harder of the two.

Our ultimate weapon is Love, our shield is Peace, our fuel is Passion and our goal is Joy.

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

If you missed this week's program and would like to join the next one, keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events. Feel free to get in touch to book a Life Activation or a healing session, or find out when our next workshops are available.

Have a magickal weekend! ❤️