Is Astral Travel real? Daniela shares her experience

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This week we talk about Astral Travel, a subject that has become more common in movies and series -- but how much do you know about it?

Find out about this fascinating practice in this interview with Daniela, hosted by Divina Kate Bartram Brown.

Enjoy the video! Be sure to check in next week for another insightful interview.


Daniela is a dancer, holistic movement teacher, and a personal trainer. She is also a Max Meditation System™ and Life Activation Practitioner with the Modern Mystery School.

Daniela is passionate about movement, nature and elemental beings. She expresses this through dance and her Max Meditation System™ sessions. She leads dance classes for children and adults, where she teaches people to cultivate a greater awareness of themselves by listening to their bodies and opening their senses to experience deeper connections. Through her work, she helps people to understand the interconnectivity of the body, breath, spirit, mind, and emotions. She offers Life Activations and Crystal Healings, and empowers people to awaken their highest potential.

Since early childhood, Daniela has had strong spiritual awareness. She has a deep connection with Mother Earth. Her openness and love of exploring led her to travel, into shamanism, and towards the Modern Mystery School teachings - where she is on her path of progression. She is enjoying the journey of her expansion, discovering her gifts, and serving the light.

Daniela has a vision of a peaceful coexistence on earth. A place where people thrive, and are creating and living in a world filled with passion and harmony - inside and outside. She envisions a world where new ways of being are explored, a world filled with creative thinking. A world where people live with a loving and kind heart, and shine their beauty and radiate their inner light.

Do you want to know more about Astral Travel? Perhaps you want to learn how to do it yourself?

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