Is it a sex cult or a witch hunt ?

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May be an image of text that says "Your soul knows when something is real, authentic and true. No matter what anyone else try's to say or persuade you of, the truth will always feel different. You can't fake it. Your heart knows when something resonates. Trust those feelings."

By Divina Kate Bartram Brown Head of Modern Mystery School UK & EU

‘Your soul knows when something is real, authentic and true. Your heart knows when something resonates. Trust those feelings’. That is what happened to me when I found the Mystery School teachings.

However over the years People have asked me if im in a cult? Do we have orgies? Do they take all your money ? So here is the truth …. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are ? Because I’m part of the leadership of the school so would ‘they’ be me ? Anyway whoever ‘they’ are, haven’t asked me to an orgy… which left me feeling kind of upset, had I been left out? .. is there something wrong with me ? 😂 or wait hang on…, did my mother, husband and family all go because they are have attended many MMS classes … but they left me out ? Maybe they are the ‘they’. Or wait it’s my friends that have attended my classes and they got to go ? This isn’t fair ! 😉

Or maybe I’m brainwashed, yes I’m blonde, I could see where that could confuse many .. however the fact that I’ve been a business owner most of my adult life, been nominated in magazines for my business mind, never mind that I have a PhD… but yet ‘they ‘ are taking all my money and wait it would mean that was happening to my husband ( those of you that know Robin .. well let’s say he doesn’t suffer fools gladly) oh and I let my family and friends do the same .. hmm sounding a bit far fetched.

Yet here is the funny thing .. … let me share a secret … I used to spend thousands on going out, handbags, shoes… not one person accused Louis Vitton or Gucci of brainwashing me ? Or Bollinger for ‘making’ me buy the many bottles .. 😂 Now I spend my money on me, my health and training to help others it would seem I’m brainwashed !

The people that have helped me most in my quest to live the best life have so much shit thrown at them daily (IPS Dave Lanyon, Founder Gudni Gudnason, IPS Hideto Natagome) yet I know from my own direct experience and that of hundreds I have worked with they have been nothing but kind, honest and want the best for me. Its scary that people can be targeted by others that don’t know them and we as a society allow them to be ripped down for helping those in need.

So whilst I find these accusations quite ridiculous, almost funny if it weren’t so damaging to good people .. I’m also worried for us as a society that are willing to do this to others on the hearsay of people they don’t know ..If you want to know the ‘truth’ about something have the integrity to try it for yourself or speak to that person before you start slinging ridiculous claims to bring down people you don’t know !


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