Journeys of the Spirit: seeing life from a higher perspective

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope you've had an amazing week, and are enjoying the energy of this Autumn Equinox.

This week, we feature an interview with Diana, who speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about how the Journeys of the Spirit class helped her to see life from a higher perspective.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to return next week for our next post.


Diana, hailing from Romania, was born in a city near the Hungarian border, with Hungarian and German roots through her grandparents. Her lifelong goal has been to promote peace among nations and to combat the idea of "my culture is better than yours." Over time, she realized that true harmony starts with self-acceptance.

Highly intuitive and empathetic, Diana often hesitated to share her experiences of seeing things and encountering otherworldly beings with her family. Even when she did, their response was typically, "it was just a bad dream." As a result, she frequently created imaginative worlds in her mind that provided more excitement than the real world.

As Diana matured, she developed into a rebel and an artist. She always felt a connection to something greater than herself, even though she harbored resentment towards a higher power for allowing people to suffer. Her emotions often swung between extreme sadness, deep depression, and intense happiness, but these feelings were fleeting.

In her adult life, Diana pursued careers as a Foreign Language Correspondent, utilizing her proficiency in six languages, and as an optician in Germany, where she resided for eight years. However, these roles failed to provide long-term satisfaction. She couldn't see herself repeating the same tasks endlessly. Diana believed she was destined for a more significant purpose, and her life took a transformative turn when she encountered the Modern Mystery School.

In November 2021, Diana made the decision to return to Romania, and since then, she has been blessed with numerous gifts from the Universe. Today, she is a certified Life Activation Practitioner, a Healer, and a Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Solomon. She stands ready to share her light wherever her path may lead.

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