Katie Owens talks about her healing journey

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This week we feature an interview with Katie Owens. She talks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown and shares her healing journey with the Modern Mystery School.

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As a child, Katie Owens moved around a lot. She has lived all over the world, due to her father's work in the Air Force.

Katie had her first 'manic' episode as a young adult, and she subsequently spent time in a psychiatric hospital. While there, she was diagnosed as bipolar, based on the western medical model.

Since then, she has experienced multiple bouts of depression and two more of these 'manic' episodes, which resulted in hospitalisation. This experience led her to a journey of self discovery, where she explored various healing arts and therapies, including massage and sound healing. Along the way she discovered the Modern Mystery School, where she received tools and training that have provided her with a greater level of greater self awareness and self acceptance.

Today, she lives in San Francisco with her sweet cat, Princess Leia. She offers support to people who are on a similar journey, and she empowers her clients to discover solutions that work for them. She also with seniors in the Bay Area and assists them to find supportive housing.

Are you on a journey of self discovery? Are you looking for healing modalities to shift blockages in your life?

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