Kodo’s journey from Hedge Fund to Healers Academy

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Today we are sharing an inspiring interview with Kodo. He shares his story with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about how his journey took him from hedge fund sales to becoming a certified Healer with the Modern Mystery School.

Kodo is originally from China, and is a certified Guide, Healer and Ritual Master trained by the Modern Mystery School.

He has strong psychic gifts, and is passionate about healing and supporting those around him. He loves birds, and is a huge fan of watersports and Marvel movies.

Kodo has the ability to see the highest potential in you. He uses his gifts to empower you to take responsibility for your energy, and to take action in your life to achieve your goals.

He is good at holding space for your growth to propel you to your highest level, and his approach is direct and clear.

Kodo offers a number empowering services to help you fulfill your potential in life, and specialises in baby blessings and space clearings.

With his accounting experience and a background in the finance world, Kodo joined Credit Suisse in 2004 as a graduate analyst in hedge fund sales. He left banking in 2012, and since then he has been a successful entrepreneur.

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