Let’s talk about Empower Thyself… (Part 2)

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If you have been following these posts, you may have noticed that our community is passionate about what the Modern Mystery School has to offer.

This is because we are living the teachings and applying the tools learned in classes like Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, and more. By doing this, we are getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, and this empowers us to live in alignment with our purpose on earth.

If you feel called to live a more meaningful life, we would recommend starting with a Life Activation and then attending the Empower Thyself class and initiation. By taking to these steps, you are affirming to yourself and to the universe that you are ready to live an empowered life.

This path has been around for thousands of years and has truly stood the test of time. Here is what some of our community have to say about their experience with the Empower Thyself class and initiation.

If you are curious, head over to our Empower Thyself page to learn more. Get in touch with us when you are ready to take your next step.

We look forward to connecting with you!