Linh shares her experience as a Ritual Master

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This week, we feature an interview with Linh, who speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about what her journey as a Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School has been like.

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Since childhood, Linh has always felt she is on earth to help many people. Her dreams and goals have changed over the years, but her mission to serve remains the same. Growing up, her childhood wonders were replaced by adulthood struggles, and for a short time she lost sight of her aspirations. Fortunately, a few years after college she rediscovered her purpose and continues on her mission today.

Although she had a great life at that point, Linh felt that something important was missing. Being disconnected from herself and her true purpose created a sense of emptiness within her, that no amount of work, relationships, or food could fill.

As she began her healing journey, her goal was to become the best version of herself. Little by little, as she reconnected with her childhood dreams and aspirations, she realised that kids are highly connected to their dreams, and are more aware of what we are meant to do on earth -- something many of us forget as we get older.

Today, Linh serves as a Guide, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the Modern Mystery School lineage, and her sense of purpose has never been more clear. Through her work, she supports future leaders and change-makers by empowering them to love themselves, lead themselves, jumpstart their purpose, and create a long-lasting impact.

She believes that every person contains a special piece that will help humanity to progress with grace. When we live our purpose, we bring light into the world in a way that is unique to each one of us. By using ancient and time-tested tools, Linh helps her clients to reconnect with their dreams and take the steps towards fulfilling them.

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