London Unity Week

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At Modern Mystery School UK & Europe this summer we have a beautiful program open to you!

Visit the Royal City of London and join us for an exciting week of Metaphysical teaching and healing.

We call it Unity week as each class has a panel of teachers with immense experience in both teaching and using the modalities offered.

Also you will find yourself in class surrounded by students from all over the UK and EU!

Dates: May 31st -June 6th

Venue: Columbia Hotel Hyde Park London

Sacred Geometry 2 | May 31st

Use crystals to heal, perform readings & grid a space bringing in Abundance, Divinity, Protection & Balance of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine energies.

Sacred Geometry 3 | June 1st

Discover a healing you can use for yourself and others, clearing out the layers of the aura one by one. Dissolving grief, stuck patterns and bringing back balance.

Ensofic Ray Fundamental Days 1 & 2 | June 2nd & 3rd

Immerse yourself in deep metaphysical teachings regarding the true origin of healing. Discover the way of living that creates good & beauty & true peace within. Connect with your ability to scan for disease and to flow Ensofic Reiki. Receive Keys and Attunements which unlock your ability to work these energies. (No prerequisites required!)

Ensofic Ray Intermediate | June 4th

Become an Ensofic Reiki distance healer and discover how to heal stuck mental patterns.

Galactic Activation | June 5th & 6th

Receive an activation of the Divinity codes. A gift from our Galactic brothers & sisters. Discover the real reason why different generations of human find difficulty in communicating & heal these rifts for more harmony in your life, bring a deep well of Rejuvenation capabilities into your life. discover how to treat your body, your relationships, your business, your home environment to care for your sensitive energetic body and so much more!

Some classes require prerequisites. Please don’t hesitate to message all enquiries.

Head over to The Mystery School UK & EU for more information, or message to book your spot.