Meditation and why it is so important by Dr Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP

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Meditation may be a regular practice for you or it may seem like an alien concept but lets take a closer look at why the Modern Mystery School recommends a regular meditation practice.

Although associated with spirituality meditation comes in different forms.

It can involve contemplation, reflection or practices that help the mind to quieten.

Indeed it can involve focused thought on a repetitive task like running, jogging, mantras or prayers.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to sit still moving meditation or Chi Do may be for you.

At the Modern Mystery School we teach Chi Do via Zoom every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. (Ireland/UK time) Connect to receive regular reminders and the links required.

The Benefits of Meditation include:

  1. Stress relief which in turn helps the physical effects of stress including hypertension and heart disease.
  2. Reducing negative emotions
  3. Increasing patience and tolerance
  4. Helps with seeing fresh perspectives on stressful situations
  5. Focusing more on the present which eases regrets from the past and worries about the future while concentrating on what can be done in the present
  6. Increased self awareness
  7. Increased imagination and creativity
  8. Spiritual connection and deeper meaning in life

With a regular practice its effects can be felt throughout the day so that calm and peace become part of everyday life and resilience is heightened. The Dali Lama is widely quoted as having said that if every 8 year old child was taught to meditate that we would have world peace within one generation.

This is a pretty powerful statement and suggests that meditation is an excellent resource for children in helping them cope with the challenges of life and in finding resilience within.

At the Modern Mystery School we teach Max Meditation Systemโ„ข online each Monday evening at 7.30pm (Ireland/UK time). Please connect for the link and regular reminders. Also our team at Modern Mystery School UK/EU teach regularly from their own practices across the UK and Europe. You can connect with them individually to tap into this wonderful resource. Please see below! This list is updated regularly. Please connect for details.

Max Meditation Systemโ„ข is a five step process created by Founder Gudni Gudnason to help both beginners and experienced deepen their meditation experience. Please try for yourself and see!

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You have lots of choice. Take action today to give something new a try. Wishing you excellent mental well being


Divina Ann