Radu shares the results of the Galactic Activation

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope your week has been delightful. We have just wrapped up our program in London and are inspired to share this beautiful energy with you.

This week we feature Radu, who chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about the results he experienced in his life after receiving the Galactic Activation.

Enjoy the video! We will see you again next week for another inspiring interview.

Radu, originally from Romania, has spent his entire adult life working as a software engineer.

Though he perceived his life as successful and took pride in the personal freedom he carved out in the corporate world, he was primarily focused on working as efficiently as possible, pursuing life's pleasures. However, deep inside, he grappled with a profound sense of emptiness, a lack of purpose that left him feeling genuinely miserable.

His journey towards finding that purpose led him to the Modern Mystery School, specifically the Ritual Master path. While it's a challenging path, Radu discovered that it's the only one capable of bringing him genuine joy and the motivation to greet each new day with enthusiasm.

Are you curious about the Galactic Activation?

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Wishing you a weekend filled with wonder!