Reclaiming the Essence of Woman by Divina Ann

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Reclaiming the essence of Woman
As an adult, female, human being we
carry the energy of creation within us.
The womb is the physical representation of the gateway to all creation on this planet.
Whether we are aware of it, on not, we lead the way forward.
The female energy on earth is distorted beyond recognition.
From shame about our bodies, to guilt about ourselves as mothers, to misuse of our power as sexualised objects, to misguided interpretations about beauty, to the harshness with which we judge each other, to the ways in which we insist on blaming men.
We could take any one of these & delve deep but today, I’d like to share what is possible moving forward.
At any one given moment in time each woman is living from a place where she is doing her best, given the circumstances she is in. We are sisters & a powerful force for qualities that we have forgotten.
These qualities include: nurture, love, compassion, kindness, healing, acceptance, inclusiveness, beauty. Each of these qualities are the essence of being a woman.
In our push to be more ‘equal’ to men in our current world we abandoned these essential qualities so that we could push our way into stressful roles (proving we could do it).
We squeezed out of ourselves those qualities which make us women & something deep inside died.
Men did not do that to us. We did.
Our world needs these essential qualities now more than ever!
War, oppression, tyranny, poverty, lack of essential healthcare & education are the consequences of the loss of the true essence of women on our planet.
We need to reclaim these qualities not tomorrow or some distant time in the future but NOW!
As we reclaim our essence no other mothers child will go hungry, uncared for, abused or be exposed to unhealthy dogma as peddled by the machinery of media.
Clear boundaries around our forgotten powers of nurture, love, compassion, kindness, healing, acceptance, inclusiveness, beauty are honoured because we make it so and our men protect us while we flow these qualities out into our world.
As we each take responsibility for what is natural & instinctive to us, our attitude inwardly in taking care of ourselves evolves.
We take responsibility for our physical health, our nutrition, our exercise, our hydration because without us our qualities are lost to the world. Do you see how distorted the idea that we women take care of others to the detriment of our own health is fundamentally flawed? A Goddess looks after herself so her essence flows freely from a healthy place and everyone is taken care of, herself included.
We take responsibility for how our thoughts affect us and the people around us. We do things that raise the vibration of our thoughts like sacred ritual or meditation or moving meditation like Chi Do.
We take responsibility for our actions in this world reaching out to build a new reality, creating that every moment of every day!
The tide we are swimming against may feel relentless right now, but we are on the verge of a huge shift in human consciousness and our qualities are needed now, more than ever.
We require discernment to push forward in a direction that brings every man woman and child to a foundation of the qualities we desire for our future.
Before we reach our goal we will face all kinds of backlash. From our own negative Ego, from other women, from men, from media, from all areas of life because true empowerment comes at a price. The price is, personal responsibility and that’s not popular.
Let’s face it. Why would anyone want to stare in the face of the far reaching consequences of every thought they had, every word they spoke, every action they took or did not take? Yet, when we take responsibility this isn’t scary any more because we choose with the best of our awareness in every moment.
At the Modern Mystery School we find ancient Lineage tools. that assist us in discovering and recovering the true essence of ourselves.
In my experience at the School the people who have honoured the essence of Goddess the most and encouraged women’s empowerment are Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon & Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome!
Their insights, encouragement and teachings are designed to bring out the best in everyone they meet.
The Counsel of 12 women in the school is a prime example where women’s voices are truly heard, as women and men work together for the betterment of all.
This Path is for both women and men. You can speak with a Guide in your area to check whether this Path is for you. Please see the links below.
If you desire a Path of Empowerment, a Path that encourages a growing Knowledge of Self, a Path that encourages boundaries and responsibility, check out the
Modern Mystery School.
If you decide to explore for yourself, your journey might start by attending a meditation class or by having a Life Activation and attending Empower Thyself 2 day class and initiation.
Whatever you decide let’s make this world a better place for all.
With my LOVE always,
Divina Ann 💗