Full Spirit Activation

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Dear Community, 

The treatments we have at our fingertips in the Modern Mystery School are varied & each brings with it a new level of consciousness & awakening. 
They help us release what no longer serves, while building resilience for living life ALIVE!

Enjoy !


A month after the Life Activation you are ready for a Full Spirit Activation!

In our teachings, we have 3 bodies, physical, spiritual & soul body. The Full Spirit Activation connects you more consciously to your soul body. The soul is the communicator between Spirit & the Physical.

We become more consciously connected to our own divinity, opening up the potential for miracles, awakening that superhero within & JOY flourishes!!!

As we become more connected to our soul life becomes more enriched. Apathy eases & clarity of life purpose is enhanced.

The process lasts around an hour & involves balancing energy systems connected to the body followed by an awakening of the Pituitary & Pineal glands.

The work is supported by Spageric drops taken for up to a month after. These drops are a vibrational remedy which assist in the integration of this healing.

Treat yourself & experience it.For a practitioner near you consult

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