The importance of good boundaries Divina Ann

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✨Boundaries and why they are important✨
Boundaries are an important means of valuing yourself, physically & emotionally.
They help you clarify what is acceptable and what is not.
They work when you are clear about your own values, you act on them and when necessary you clarify them with others.
They are an important aspect of self care. You simply need to know what the consequences of crossing your boundary are and act on that.
You can choose to tell others what your boundaries are, that way they have a choice to respect them or not. It’s not about controlling, but about self care and truly, everyone involved benefits from healthy boundaries.
Either way boundaries give you choice as to when to
1)say no
2) communicate about expectations & resolve problems
3) in more severe cases you may choose to walk away or remove yourself from someone’s life
When we set a boundary we draw a line to define what is acceptable or not acceptable to us. This supports our emotional & physical well-being. It can support us in managing our time and lots more.
When people push against your boundaries watch what happens inside. Are you firm or are you eager to please them & let your own boundary down.
Learning to set boundaries can be uncomfortable but invaluable for everyone concerned.
In all of this we need to know ourselves first!!!!
There is a Path!
Consider exploring!
💗 Happy boundary making 💗
With my LOVE always
Divina Ann ❤️