The potency of humour

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In these days of stressful return to ‘normality’ we could all do with a good dose of humour! Sometimes I feel like writing it on my prescription pad! There is a serious side to the saying, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.


Believe it or not our favourite hormone oxytocin is released when we laugh. It is associated with bonding and caring for others.

Also the hormone cascade that helps us out in stressful times, (including cortisol) is eased with laughter, so our stress levels abate and we feel lighter.

With these two effects our immune system is more responsive and able to do what it does best!

Interestingly shared laughter boosts relationships and can help us mend past hurts. We have a term for that in Ireland… ‘havin’ the craic!’


Ways to keep laughter active in your life include:

Play with a pet

Watch some comedy; online, TV, podcasts

Give laughter yoga a try

Change your environment; add photos of good times, add bright colours, plants and things that make you smile

Spend time with friends and family who make you laugh


It’s interesting that one of the top attributes sought after in a partner is a sense of humour!


So please stay healthy and have a great laugh!!!

With my Love always!!

Divina Ann