The Power of Initiation within The Modern Mystery School

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Dear Community ,

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Our theme for this week is:
” Evolution”

Today  a few of us from the team of Modern Mystery School UK and Europe are sharing some insight on the Power of initiation.

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The Power of Initiation within the Modern Mystery School

Initiation is like turning on your super powers. You always had it inside, it’s all yours however it was hidden way deep down for you to find … just like any priceless treasure, the fun part is the journey !
Finding a lineage that can turn on these super powers has been written about for thousands of years, you have read many stories, seen many movies about the normal person sent on a quest to discover they can over come anything to do the right thing.It’s no different in a true Mystery School Lineage, our teachings are over 8000 years old, we have handed down this process as it has been done, from master to teacher keeping it pure and unpolluted for those seekers that are ready.
As the years have passed many have tried to imitate this process however as you may have guessed , it can’t be achieved by oneself. Although you will need to overcome many obstacles to reach a true Mystery School Lineage. We call this part self initiation. Then just like anything in life we need someone that walked before us to share the Magick. The best Athletes, Singers, Inventors in the world, all had teachers or someone that gave them the inspiration to be the best that they can be, at some stage. We are no different, true Mystery Schools don’t have gurus who claim to know it all, simply teachers walking the path.
So why aren’t we all doing it if it’s available ? Initiation is our birth right but many will decide to stay in the matrix … ‘I know that steak is not real, but it tastes so good’ we all saw the movie right ?You could say life is like that, work, family, money, career, school, relationships but is that it ? Many choose to stay in their lane, safe in what they know even though they could be unhappy with parts of their life .
Have you ever asked yourself, who am I ? Where do I come from? What is my purpose?If these are questions that you don’t have answers for, then initiation is the start of the path to knowing yourself and mastering the universe.
But I get it, it’s not for everyone. After all if you are completely happy with every aspect of yourself and life why would you need to do this inner work ….. Hmmmm if you are like me, it got me thinking …. but what if I did and there was an entirely new life, new opportunities waiting.
Initiation is the start of all your biggest dreams. The only question is are you prepared to take the chance?
Kate Bartram- Brown

Initiation is a very sacred ceremony in which we are anchoring more light in our structure. That light continues to serve us in our life in many ways by supporting us to develop awareness of our true power and helping us to transmute inner shadows by bringing them to awareness. So in many ways it is a beginning of something new.

Tanmaya Cecile George

Initiation brings your spiritual power into your physical awareness. It connects your potential with your action. After the initiation you feel much more presence in your body but also in terms of the impact of your thoughts and words. And the people around you also feel this power. They want to stay in your surroundings.

Elli Wissmüller

As Rudolph Steiner said ‘if we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher’

Initiation is the key into believing in yourself (higher self), opening into and anchoring your innate power as you manifest your fullest potential , remembering a commitment to yourself as you enter a progressive path to knowing your divine eternal self as one, at a level of depth in body, soul and spirit.

Yadiksha Hari

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