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Dear Community,

Today Dr Ann Donnely shares an article on The Power of Intention and how you can use it to achieve your goals!


What better way to focus your energy with Intention, than Meditation! You’re welcome to join us for Max Meditation this evening at 7.30pm!



The Power of our INTENTION

Intention brings our human mind into sharp focus
All our power gets directed to the project of our desire
So if we imagine a goal & add all our feelings to it as if it were truly complete we set intent in motion. Of course, in order to fully achieve it in this physical reality we need work backwards to where we are now, imagining each step needed to achieve our goal.
Write it down in a timed plan & action it.
Keep the intention as your compass. It is a powerful tool to achieve your dreams!

How do we truly master something?

It starts with the desire,
it requires focus,
it demands effort
& it’s steering wheel is intention!


We all know how distraction works. Our world is full of it. If we wish to create anything we cannot let distraction in. It is relentless & it will also work subtly to interfere.

The Antidote

Intention on the other hand is an antidote.
It aids clarity in the fog of distraction.
Whatever your goal…
write it down,
the full vision,
from the idea,
document the feeling in Technicolor
& sketch the finished product.
Explore it.
Does it fulfil your desires?
That way you will recognise the feeling as it draws closer.
Like a magnet it will pull you forward when you tire.


We need to work with time in the equation.
Is this a short or longer term project? Work backwards with an achievable timescale & document goals along the way.


Keep your intention at the centre.
We often need to know the reason why we do something in order to give us the fuel to complete it.
What is your passion, your mission?
It will help you stay on track until you arrive.


As you can perhaps appreciate, the journey becomes the very adventure you were seeking.
With its twists & turns it provides us with successes & failures & knowledge of what works.
With intention at the core we remain focused on the goal & stay centred.
Intention can be a daily practice.
It can be used to help with weekly, monthly or lifetime goals.
Use intention as one of the core ingredients in your Magick & it won’t let you down.


In conclusion, my hope is that you will never stop engaging with life, and that you will find the spark inside you that gives you meaning & purpose, & which fuels the actions you take. May you recognise the stirring inside & have the courage to act on it & never give up. Be gentle with yourself when you need to be, & pick up the sword when necessary. You are divine, you are a co-creator of our world. We need you LIVING YOUR LIFE ALIVE!!!❤️

Dr Ann ❤️

About Dr. Ann Donnelly

International Teacher with the Modern Mystery School

Apprentice Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher

Life Activation Practitioner, Healer & Guide with the Modern Mystery School

Currently a serving member of the Goddess Counsel of 12 in the Lineage of King Salomon

Wiccan & Egyptian Priestess in the Lineage of King Salomon

Yoga Teacher

Ensofic Ray Practitioner & Fundamental Ensofic Reiki Teacher

Studied with the British Medical Acupuncture Society &
London Homeopathic Hospital

NLP practitioner and Emotional Freedom Therapy Advocate

Facilitator for Advanced Communication using the Professor Suzie Wilkinson method

Dr Ann has also been instrumental in helping develop a Foundation Degree in her local North West Regional College in Holistic and Integrative Therapies in the Faculty of Science

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