Was Galactic Activation the upgrade I wanted?

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope your week has been wonderful. We are in the midst of London Unity Week, where we are working as a team to share our tools with people who want to deepen their journey of healing and empowerment.

This week, we feature an interview with Diana, who speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about her experience with the Galactic Activation.

Enjoy the video! See you back here next week for another inspiring interview.


Diana is from Romania, with Hungarian and German roots. Embracing her innate desire for peace between nations, Diana recognized the importance of integrating these cultural influences within herself.

From an early age, Diana exhibited remarkable intuition and empathy, and experienced several encounters with otherworldly beings. Apprehensive about sharing these experiences with her family, she found that they dismissed her experiences as "bad dreams." Her imagination became a sanctuary, where she crafted vibrant worlds that were more fun than the real world.

Diana grew up to become a rebel and an artist. She has always felt a strong connection with a higher power beyond her physical senses, and became frustrated with God for allowing people to suffer in the world. Her emotional spectrum fluctuated towards extremes, and she experienced profound sadness, overwhelming depression, and moments of euphoria - which didn't last for too long.

As an adult, Diana worked as a Foreign Language Correspondent, leveraging her fluency in six languages, and also worked as an optician for a prominent optics company in Germany, where she lived for eight years. The repetitive nature of these occupations failed to provide lasting fulfillment. Diana knew deep down that she had a deeper purpose, and it was during this search for something greater that she encountered the Modern Mystery School, which was a major turning point in her life.

In November 2021, Diana returned to Romania, and since then, the universe has showered her with abundant blessings. Today, she is certified as a Life Activation Practitioner, a Healer, and a Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Solomon, and is committed to share the Light wherever she goes.

Do you want to experience the Galactic Activation? We are offering it in London next week!

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Wishing you an amazing weekend filled with joy and beauty.