What Danelia really thought of Sacred Geometry with the Modern Mystery School

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Good morning Ireland!

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This week's inspiring interview features Daniela, who chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about what she really thought about Sacred Geometry with the Modern Mystery School.

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Daniela is a dancer, holistic movement teacher who weaves dance and magick together through her work. She is also a personal trainer, Max Meditation System™ facilitator, and a Life Activation Practitioner with the Modern Mystery School.

As a trained dancer, Daniela loves to share her passion for movement, nature, and the elemental beings. She does this by leading children's dance classes, free dance for adults, and Max Meditation System™ sessions. She empowers others to increase their self awareness by teaching them to open their senses, listen to their bodies, and feel the deeper connections of the body, breath, spirit, mind, and emotions. She helps people awaken to their true potential by offering Life Activations and Crystal healings.

Since she was a child, she has had a strong spiritual awareness, and she has a powerful connection with Mother Earth. She is curious about the world and loves to explore. This curiosity has led her to travel, to study shamanism, and discover the empowering tools and teachings offered by the Modern Mystery School. She is now dedicated to her spiritual progression. Her gifts continue to unfold as she expands her awareness by serving the Light.

Daniela has a vision for a peaceful coexistence on earth, where people thrive by creating and living in a world filled of passion and harmony - both inside and out. She dreams of a world where new ways of being are explored, where creative thinking is embraced, and where people express themselves through a loving and kind heart - a world where one's inherent beauty shines brightly.

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