What Jackie thought about 12 Races of Earth

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This week we share an interview with Jackie, who chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown and shares what she thought of the 12 Races of Earth class.

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As a Holistic Psychologist and Healer, Jackie Nonweiler blends spirituality and science through her practice. She sees these disciplines as "two sides of the same coin", and shares her expertise with her clients and her community. She uses tools from both fields to guide people to real transformation, by transmuting limited subconscious beliefs into an empowering mindset.

Jackie discovered the Modern Mystery School in 2020 and received her Empower Thyself initiation in late 2021. Since then, she has been fully committed to the path and is now a certified Life Activation Practitioner and a Ritual Master. She offers healing and empowerment online and in person at retreats throughout Europe and the United States.

Have you ever wondered about the other beings we share the planet with?

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