What really happened when Yadiksha chose Healers Academy

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Good morning Ireland!

It's time for this week's inspiring interview series with Divina Kate Bartram Brown, the head of the Modern Mystery School UK and Europe.

Today we feature her interview with Yadiksha Hari, who explains why she chose to attend Healers Academy, and shares what really happened during those five days.

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Yadiksha Hari started her career following the conventional path to a successful future, and practiced as a cardiac physiologist for 15 years.

After some time, her body began to show signs of burnout. She experienced physical aches and pains, along with mental fatigue. This led her to the realisation that she was meant to do more with her life, and inspired her to follow her free will, in search of true happiness.

During this period, she found it challenging to maintain a healthy balance in her life. After experiencing a traumatic relationship break down, Yadiksha found herself slipping into apathy and depression.

Her friend introduced her to a session called the Life Activation - a powerful modality that is focused on resetting the body, mind and energetic structure - and this was a significant turning point in her life. After receiving this healing, she found herself feeling refreshed, free, and aligned with her purpose.

Yadiksha is actively involved with supporting women's mental health. She offers support to women who are undergoing mental health challenges that make them feel disconnected from their femininity -- this includes chemo-therapy patients and victims of domestic violence and abuse.

She brings her teachings and services to women's shelters, where she offers empowerment and hosts gathering for teenage girls in a safe space that allows them to come together, increase their confidence, and support each other.

Do you ever wonder how tools of empowerment such as the Life Activation, Empower Thyself, and Healers Academy could transform your life? The best answer to this is to find out for yourself. Get in touch with us and we can chat about the next steps of your journey.

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