Each person has a different something they are searching for. At some point in life we all look at these questions and some decide to take that process and delve deep into the mysteries and walk the path. That’s a process or the path we call: Know Thyself!

Through the power of activation, initiation and the wisdom of the lineage of King Salomon, the Modern Mystery School provides the tools, teachings, healings, services, classes and programs that enable the initiate to transform themselves, coming into a state of truly knowing themselves. To “Know Thyself” is the motto of the mystery school.

The MMS facilitates this process by creating a sacred and safe space, through which the exploration of metaphysics, spiritual practice and service, the initiate embarks on a journey of deep self discovery, delving into the layers of themselves, so that you may come into awareness of their divine nature and purpose here on earth.

In Ireland, there are several active and certified Professional Life Activation Practitioners, Guides, Healers and Teachers.