Why Ensofic Level 1 & 2 has been essential to Julia’s practice

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope your week has been a delight. We're still in Canada, where we are well into the annual Spring program with the international Modern Mystery School community. The experience has been mind-blowing and heart-opening so far, we look forward to sharing this beautiful energy with you on our return.

This week, Julia Tiffin speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about why Ensofic Level 1 and 2 has been essential to her healing practice.

Hope you enjoy the video, we will see you again next week for another one.


Julia Tiffin has a background in Fine Art and is a Specialty Teacher with the Modern Mystery School.

Over the years, Julia has exhibited her work all over the world. Before she found the doors to one of the seven ancient Mystery Schools on the planet, she was Head of Fine Art Photography at a University in South Africa.

She has ben teaching Modern Mystery School classes internationally since 2004, and her specialty is Foundational and Sacred Geometry training. She was head of the Modern Mystery School's South African branch for almost ten years, and has travelled across Africa and to the Middle East to empower people with the tools and training she offers.

Julia currently lives in London, where she has a deep connection to the land. She travels regularly with her cat Jelly Fish.

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend, filled with moments that bring joy to your heart.