Why every Rock Star should Astral Travel

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope you've had a blessed Samhain week. Autumn is in full swing and magick is in the air. Can you feel it?

This week's interview returns to the subject of Astral Travel. Award winning music producer and songwriter Philipp Schardt speaks with Divina Kate Bartram Brown and share why every rock star should learn this technique.

Enjoy the video, and we will see you again next week.


Philipp Schardt is an award-winning music producer and songwriter. He is also a visionary sound healing artist, and a Guide and Teacher with the Modern Mystery School.

Philipp has traveled the world to study the art of sound, and has learned how to combine his deeply heartfelt music with scientific brainwave entrainment. He achieves this through a combination of binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other sound healing techniques. These sound frequencies are designed to help people effortlessly reach a state of deep body and mind relaxation.

Through the course of his career, he has received Gold and Platinum awards, along with many other music award nominations. His music has been streamed more than 85 million times.

Have you ever wondered about Astral Travel? Are you curious about how this technique could benefit you?

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Wishing you a wonderfully cozy weekend, filled with plenty of joyful moments.