Why Julia attended Healers Academy with the Modern Mystery School

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This week's featured interview is with Julia Tiffin. Watch below as she chats with Divina Kate Bartram Brown about why she decided to sign up for Healers Academy with the Modern Mystery School.

Find out what she really experienced during the five days of training, and the subsequent impact it made on her life.

Julia Tiffin has an extensive background in Fine Art, and is now a Specialty Teacher with the Modern Mystery School.

Before discovering the doorway to this ancient Mystery School lineage, Julia had exhibitions all over the world, and was also Head of Fine Art Photography at a University in South Africa. Her life transformed into something even greater when she began her journey on the path of initiation.

She specialises in foundational and Sacred Geometry training, and has been teaching Modern Mystery School classes internationally since 2004.

Julia was at the head of the Modern Mystery School South African Headquarters for 9.5 years. During that time she traveled to the Middle East and other African countries to make Mystery School healings and training available in these areas.

Currently living in London, Julia has a deep connection to the land, and she travels the world with her cat Jelly Fish.

Are you curious about the Healers Academy? Are you wondering what gifts you might unlock when you embark on your journey? Feel free to get in touch with us to talk about your next steps.

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