Why Margaret Dunne attended Healers Academy with the Modern Mystery School

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Good morning Ireland!

We hope you have had a blessed Summer Solstice week and are enjoying the longer days.

Today we are sharing an interview with Margaret Dunne, where she chats to Divina Kate Bartram Brown about her experience with the Healers Academy.

Margaret is the founder of Inspired Heart Wellness, a private Holistic practice in rural Co, Tipperary.

She qualified as a General Nurse Midwife in 1983, and spent the next two years in Ecuador, working as a volunteer nurse with children and expectant mothers. Her work included forays into the Amazon Jungle.

In 2000 she trained as a Montessori Preschool Teacher and established a playschool in her local village of Moyne. Later, this playshool became a popular Montessori Education centre.

Margaret has a deep love of children and an innate desire to improve their lives. To facilitate this, she has trained in Reflexology, Child to Child Massage, Education Kinesiology Consultancy, and she is also a Mini Me Yoga Ambassador.

In 2006, she embarked on her metaphysical training with the Modern Mystery School. This led her to the realisation that if we want to have peace on our beloved planet, we need to prioritise the nurturing of conscious awareness from an early age; it should be instilled a way of life.

Margaret applies this vision in a practical way, and has introduced Mindfulness, Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Life Activation, and Gratitude Awareness to her curriculum. Her work has led to profound breakthroughs in the people she empowers with these tools.

Now retired from the classroom, Margaret works as a holistic therapist. She offers private and group sessions for children, adults, parents, teachers, and teens. Her sessions are available both in person and on Zoom. Her goal is to promote world peace from the perspective that world peace is an 'inside job' -- something that can be embraced by all.

What better place is there to begin than the formative years? Inner peace leads to peace on earth.

If you would like to know more about the Healers Academy and how it can benefit you, get in touch to find out when the next training is available.

Wishing you a lovely weekend! ❤️