Beliefs of the Modern Mystery School by Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon
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Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon describes the teachings and ways of the Mystery School. In this hour long interview explore deep metaphysical principles applied to everyday living. Enjoy! To access click HERE  

Questions and Answers regarding the Modern Mystery School with Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon
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Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon is one of the Lineage holders at the Modern Mystery School. This priceless interview answers frequently asked questions. Enjoy! To access this video please click: HERE      

Meditation and why it is so important by Dr Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP
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Meditation may be a regular practice for you or it may seem like an alien concept but lets take a closer look at why the Modern Mystery School recommends a regular meditation practice. Although associated with spirituality meditation comes in … Read More

Podcasts available from Modern Mystery School UK/EU
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Divina Kate Bartram Brown has made available a series of podcasts with her guests from the Modern Mystery School worldwide. This invaluable resource is updated regularly so stay tuned for your favourites. Topics vary from Alchemy, Mystery teachings, Music, Relationships, … Read More

Social Alchemy with Dr Theresa Bullard. Interviewed by Dr Kate Bartram Brown
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Dr Theresa talks social Alchemy Dr Theresa Bullard is a PHD Physicist, an author, a speaker, a Teacher, a Guide, a Mystery School instructor, a Metaphysicist, a host of Mystery Teachings. Dr Kate interviews her on the topic of Social … Read More

CHOICE: An important PIECE in establishing PEACE
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CHOICE: an important piece in establishing peace. We are now in the days when inaction is no longer an option. When we don’t take action something else comes in to take up the space we have left unmanaged. Opportunities are … Read More

Hot Topic: Spiritual Shaming by Divina Ann Donnelly
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When a VICE comes to the surface we don’t run, we don’t hide, we look it in the eye & we open a conversation. I am a woman. I was born in the north of Ireland. I was born in … Read More

Tanmaya George A Guide at the Modern Mystery School London speaks about Mark Wilding’s Vice article
with No Comments MAY 19, 2021 A MESSAGE TO MARK WILDING FROM VICE : NO, WE ARE NOT A SEX CULT I observe that in our society at large it seems okay to paint women as co-dependent victims. It is an accepted … Read More

The potency of humour
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In these days of stressful return to ‘normality’ we could all do with a good dose of humour! Sometimes I feel like writing it on my prescription pad! There is a serious side to the saying, ‘Laughter is the best … Read More

Inspiring words by Divina Ann
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I have been on Facebook since 2008 and when I stumbled on the App it gave me an opportunity for many things! I was able to keep in touch with my friends from across the world! I was able to … Read More

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